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Make an impact by helping us to provide handmade gifts of love, connection, and warmth those experiencing the effects of chemo -- and to provide tiny blankets to neonatal babies (NICU) in ICU incubators across the country.

Your support matters.

We have created a massively impactful maker and distribution network in our 14 years of operation as a nonprofit.

Maintaining our network and consistently sending the highest quality handmade creations to people in need, on a consistent and regular basis as we do, takes a lot of work.

It is work we love doing -- and with your support, we will not miss a beat.

Here are some ways you can help today:

Note: all donations are 100% tax-deductable

Learn how to Knit or Crochet

Start Sending Beanies and/or NICU Blankets

Host a Fundraiser

Businesses / Corporate Sponsors

There are so many ways to get your co-workers and/or employees involved!

Many employers offer volunteer hour donation matching -- so ask your HR department, boss, or CEO about that today.

Also, we offer many options for other ways to be involved at a company level:
👉  Buy Knit and Crochet Starter Kits (companies love buying these kits for employees and employee groups!)
👉  Explore a corporate logo sponsorship
👉  Reach out with your idea for a proposed partnership and/or sponsorship
👉  Sponsor a Box (in the name of your company or an employee who is going through chemo)
👉  Follow us on LinkedIn

Sponsor a Box

Make a Donation

Gift Card / Donate as a Birthday Present

Learn More About Us - And Tell Your Friends, Family, & Followers

Learn more and post on social media about our cause. Every post helps!

❤️  Knots of Love was founded in June 2007.

❤️  Knots of Love provides an exclusive gift that provides human connection, love, comfort, warmth, style, and often helps boost self-esteem.

❤️  Knots of Love has given over half a million handmade creations to people in need of some love and warmth! (537,788 total given away with a breakdown as of 6/24/21 of: 53921 Kids Beanies, 329855 Adult Beanies, 101009 Veterans Beanies, 51921 NICU Baby Blankets.)

❤️  Knots of Love beanies & neonatal blankets are given away 100% FREE of charge for recipients.

❤️ Knots of Love currently distributes to over 580 treatment centers, infusion centers, hospitals, and oncology offices across the USA.

❤️  Knots of Love currently provides ~3000 beanies and blankets per month.

❤️  Caps provide a stylish way to cover hairloss and help to restore self-esteem.

❤️  Our gift is simple, human warmth and kindness to someone in need. People of all ages are in need of love, kindness, and support as they wage the fight of their lives.

❤️  Knots of Love is dedicated to creating hand-made, heart and head-warming knit and crochet beanies (chemo caps) for people experiencing the effects of chemotherapy and blankets to babies in ICU incubators.

❤️  Knots of Love currently has over 15,000 dedicated and passionate volunteers who donate their time and talent by hand-making beanies through the art of knitting and crochet. Join our family of makers!

❤️  Knots of Love brings volunteers, patients, and families, together. Our organization equally helps those making the beanies and blankets and as it does the people who receive them and their loved ones. Many cancer survivors have joined our Knots of Love maker family and contribute beanies and blankets to our organization to this day!

❤️  Knots of Love is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity, based in Southern California.

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All donations are 100% tax deductible.
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