Enter your projects into the 2024 OC Fair!

💡 Things To Know for 2024:

1. All entries will be sent to the Knots of Love office in Wisconsin after the OC Fair for distribution across the country.

2. Open to ALL US residents. You do not need to be an Orange County resident to enter.

3. In order to be considered for awards, entries must be registered online by May 24 and received by June 29.

4. No entry fee is required for Knots of Love in this division.

5. No entry limit. Enter as many handmade beanies/chemo caps as you like.

6. All entries *MUST* be made with the EXACT yarns specified by the division you enter.
All other yarns will be automatically disqualified.

7. Entry Deadline is May 24th by 6 p.m. (PST)

8. Entry Delivery is Friday, June 28th 

Mail entires to:
OC Fair, Entries Dept. - Home Arts,88 Fair Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92626
👉🏻 We will NOT accept beanies, blankets, or any other items at the OC fair.
👉🏻 We will not have a booth at the Fair this year.

We will not have a booth at the Fair. Beanies will be on display.

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Need help? Have questions?
Entry Tutorial
Entry Photo Tutorial

OC Fair Entry Help
Need help submitting your online entry application?
Phone: (714) 708-1718
Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm
Email the Entries Department: entries@ocfair.com

More Help Needed?
Christine Gunst, Home Arts Program Coordinator
Office (714) 708-1553
Office after June 19 (714) 708-1623
88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Download PDF Fibre Arts Competition Guide

Congratulations to everyone who entered in 2023!
You are all winners - Because of YOU, each entry will be shipped to cancer centers across the United States
at the end of the OC Fair - Warming the hearts and heads of people who need your love!

🏅 You are all amazing! 🏅
To see the complete list of 2022 winners click HERE

2021 Winners:

Online Entries are now being accepted! 
Submissions are FREE to Knots of Love

Enter as many times as you like. ANYONE can enter! (You don't have to live in CA)
Deadlines Dates for the 2018 Competitions & Contests:
Entry deadline: June 1
Entry delivery day - June 23rd

Click here to Enter: OC Fair & Event Center On-line Entries 

1. Begin by locating HA&C-480 under Home Arts and Crafts.
2. Review the Competition and OC Fair Guidelines to make sure your entry qualifies.
3. Complete the online entry form.
4. Bring your creation to the fair on Entry Delivery Day, June 23rd.

Knots of Love Home Arts and Crafts

Important....please be sure your entries are designated to the appropriate category. Follow all the guidelines criteria or your entry will not be judged. 

All entries will be sent to Cancer Centers at the conclusion of the Fair.

Phone: During office hours at (714) 708-1553
Email: entries@ocfair.com