KOL Kids

Kids make scarves for Knots of Love

Hey parents, have you ever seen the face of a someone going through chemo who receives a hand-made gift of love from a stranger?

Well, I have and I can tell you it is the greatest feeling in the world. You and I are the strangers and there are millions of people going through chemo who can benefit from a hand knitted or crocheted scarf or hat. The recipients get a great deal of joy and satisfaction when they receive the scarf or hat and you and your kids will get a feeling that you will never forget.

Knots of Love has created an offshoot so our kids and grandkids can experience this unbelievable joy. Knitting or crocheting caps can be a challenge for youngsters who may not have the concentration or manual dexterity needed to make caps. That’s why the Knots of Love Kids program is focused on scarves.

This is also a great way for our children to develop a sense of giving to those who are less fortunate which is a great way for you to establish a lifelong legacy for your kids.

Who can help with Knots of Love Kids? A big-hearted individual or a group looking for a meaningful community service project. Groups that can participate include:

• Junior high and high school groups
• Elementary school after school programs
• Girls Scouts and Brownie troops
• Campfire Girls
• Key Clubs
• Boy Scout troops
• Eagle Scout candidates
• Church groups• YMCA and YWCA groups

Patterns available:

Use any pattern you like. A sheet with two patterns is provided here for your convenience. Also included is a donation form for you or your child to complete and send in with his or her completed scarves.

Required Yarn List for Scarves (PDF)
Kids Scarf Pattern (PDF)
Kids Scarf Donation Form (PDF)

Starter kits are available now from Laurel Hill. These kits include everything your knitter or knotter needs to complete a scarf. Laurel Hill creates exotic, handmade and sustainable knitting needles and crochet hooks. Laurel Hill, a Knots of Love sponsor, donates a portion of each kit sold to Knots of Love.

Have questions?

If you would like more information about Knots of Love Kids please email us at christine@knotsoflove.org