Knots of Love NICU Blanket Patterns

Knots of Love donates snuggly, soft blankets to Neonatal Intensive Care Units across the country. These hand-made gifts serve as a sign that each baby is loved and in the thoughts of caring people across the country. From our efforts to provide comfort to patients experiencing traumatic hair loss, grew our desire to alsocomfort both babies who are ill and their devoted parents.

How we make a difference

By adding color and warmth to an often stark Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Parents sleep with the blankets before placing them on these precious new lives. By providing comfort to parents with babies in life-altering situations, often for months at a time. Our blankets help make the experience a little less “clinical.”By providing a gift to cherish in the future. These treasures become a keepsake after the child is well and are sometimes put on display in shadow boxes or placed in a memory box.

How you can help

Knit or crochet a blanket made from any soft, cozy, lightweight yarn.  However, we’ve found what is soft and cozy to one isn’t always soft and cozy to everyone. We recommend using any of the yarns on our Required Yarn List when making your NICU blankets. Please remember, these tiny preemie babies that sometimes weigh only 1lb will be wrapped in your blankets.
Please do not choose a lacy pattern. Little fingers, toes, and tubes can get caught in blankets with holes. Blankets should be approximately 18” x 24”. Be sure to fill out a submission form and send it in with your blankets.

Please note: We do not accept preemie and infant hats. Hospitals tell us they are inundated with them.

Crochet patterns:

Knit Patterns: