Guidelines and Yarn List

2024 Maker Guidelines

Please carefully read and follow these instructions.

Our number one priority is the health and well-being of our recipients and volunteers.

Knots of Love continues to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments closely. Our Covid-19 safety protocol (both our In-Office protocol and our Maker Protocol) has been applauded by hospitals across the country. We understand that the protocol we set forth is a bit more work for you/our makers. However, we know you understand how important it is to keep the patients we serve safe and to keep everyone who comes into contact with our gifts of love safe and healthy. We thank you for your understanding during these challenging times.

Knots of Love Safety Protocol:
To protect the health and well-being of our hat and blanket recipients, in addition our team in our office with the In-Office Protocol we instituted, we have a few guidelines for people making Knots of Love beanies and blankets:

1. All makers are required to wash, dry (no dryer sheets or scents please), and bag their creations before sending them in. For bags, we recommend (however, not mandatory) placing all of your creations in an Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Poly Mailer available here from our awesome family-owned partner BubbleFast and be sure to use promo code: KnotsOfLove to receive a 15% discount and start earning cash-back rewards on the BubbleFast site. (Please don't place your creations in a recycled box or bag. The previous contents of the receptacle could transfer odors of whatever might have been in the box or bag to your lovingly washed creations.)

2. Indicate on the submission form that you followed this protocol.

Thank you, everyone, for your love, support, and understanding.
People going through cancer treatment AND their families, doctors, and nurses appreciate you!!!

Christine Fabiani,
Founder and Executive Director,
Knots of Love

Handmade Beanie and Blanket Maker Guidelines

• Must follow and certify that you have followed Maker Safety Protocol (listed above, on this page).
• Must be made with yarns from our guidelines/approved yarn list: Required + Approved Yarn List (PDF)
• Only hand-knit and hand-crocheted beanies and blankets.
• Thin, seamless, non-lumpy beanies are best for increased comfort and use at night when sleeping.
• Please no see-through caps. (Patients don’t like to see their bald heads through the caps.)
• Yarn must be fragrance-free, smoke-free, dander and pet hair-free.
• Be sure all your ends are tied in well and not showing.
• Wash, dry, and bag (use promo code Knotsoflove) your creations before sending them to us.
You can also use a CLEAN box. Please be sure the box is clean!
One bag or box is sufficient for all your gifts of love. (No need to bag each beanie individually)
• When drying please *do not* use dryer sheets as they contain chemicals that can cause a reaction to sensitive skin.
• We have enough preemie and infant hats -- hospitals tell us they have more than enough baby hats. If you want to help a baby please make a NICU blanket -- it will make a difference.
• We no longer accept LOOMED hats
• We do not accept fleece hats or blankets, tied or sewn.
• Please follow the sizing guidelines below:

Beanies: Head Size Chart

Please use this chart to determine what size cap you would like to make.
The height noted is the total height of the hat including the brim.
Size            Circumference       Height
Small         18-20 in.                  6.5-7 in.
Medium      20-22 in.                 7-8 in.
Large         22-24.5 in.               8-10 in.

NICU Blankets

Knots of Love for Baby Neonatal Blankets:

Size: No smaller than 30” x 24”

Only use yarns on our Required Yarn List for beanies when making your NICU blankets.

Please remember, these blankets are laid over  preemie babies that often weigh as little as 1lb. We want our blankets to become a family treasure. Because after all, they are wrapping their angel 👼  in your blanket.

Required + Approved Yarn

Please make sure to use yarn from our tested and yarn list when making Knots of Love and Neonatal Intensive Care Blankets.  All our yarns have been tested by people undergoing cancer treatment and families of fragile tiny lives. All yarns have been deemed soft enough for the extremely sensitive and often blistered bald heads of cancer patients and Mom and Dad's who swaddle their newborns.

👉  Required & Approved Yarn List

Note: Some of the yarns on the list have been discontinued, however they can still be found on-line or in some retail stores, depending on where you live.

Helpful Tips & Resources

See our helpful tips for knit and crochet makers. Great for all skill levels.

There are many patterns available for free here on our web site, but you can use any pattern of your choice. We look forward to seeing your creations!

🕒 Ready to send your creations? 🕒

When your handmade creations meet the above listed criteria,
the shipping information and forms you needcan be found here


Questions asked and answered:
Q: Does each item have to be bagged individually?
A: No, Each item does not need to be bagged individually. One bag after you
wash and dry your gifts of love is sufficient.

Q: What do you mean we bag them?
A: After you wash and dry (make sure they are completely dry after they cool) your creations,
place them in a small trash bag, ziplock bag, or a simple plastic bag with a tie. (We recycle bags!)

Q: Can the submission slips be enclosed with the newly washed and sealed items
or do they need to be taped to the outside of the bag(s)?
A: Please tape the submission forms on the outside of the bags.

Q: Do we need to use non-scented soap for washing our items?
A: It is recommended but not required to use non-scented soap.

Q: How do I send beanies and/or blankets?
A: Visit this page to send your creations.

Q: What if I don't knit or crochet?
A: You can buy an awesome Knit or Crochet starter kit from our shop here
and use the learning resources we include to get started making impactful creations, right away.
(These also make a great gift that keeps on giving!)

Have questions? Contact us here.

Thank you!


Have fun and happy making!!!


Send Your Creations

If your lovingly made creations meet the above listed criteria, YAY!CLICK HERE TO SEND US YOUR CREATIONS