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Annual Knit & Knot-a-Thon

2020 Knots of Love's Annual Knit & Knot-a-Thon
September 11th to November 11, 2020

This is our one and only yearly fundraiser!
Donations are vital to keep us going as a successful nonprofit charity. 
Make your pledge today!
How it works:
Our Knit & Knot-a-thon is just like a jog-a-thon except the miles are beanies for cancer patients and blankets for fragile new lives in incubators. No running only knitting or knotting (crocheting)!

(✔) Ask family and friends to pledge a dollar amount for every Beanie, PICC cover, or NICU blanket you make from September 11, to Veteran's Day November 11, 2020
(✔) You keep track of the number of caps that you make from September 11, to Veteran's Day November 11, 2020.
(✔) Collect your pledges and send them to Knots of Love. Please make all checks payable to Knots of Love. Paid pledges are 100% tax deductible. EIN: 35-2345369.
(✔) Encourage your children to participate too!
(✔) Send your creations in as you make them or all at once.
(✔) Have a wonderful time creating and sharing our message of compassion and warmth, and knowing that you helped collect the funds required to sustain our mission of warming the heads and hearts of thousands of patients in need of our special touch.

Download your Knit & Knot-a-Thon Sponsor form HERE.
(Please type directly into the sponsorship form. We send thank you notes to each sponsor.)

Make beanies for our Veterans and send in this submission form:
VA Cap Drive Submission Form
 (PDF Download)

Make Beanies, PICC line bandage covers, NICU blankets or Limb Huggers, and send in this submission form:
Knots of Love Submission Form (PDF Download)

Guidelines for Making Beanies (Required Yarn List) (PDF Download)

Make your pledge today!
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Christine Fabiani
Bill Hopkins
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Vera Rowe
Gisela Belinn
Rose Wolf
Sunita Mhaskar
Jessica Muckenfuss
Natalie Stark
Phyllis Randol
Erica Halmstad
Diane Wuertz
Sue Hollis
Sharon Tanner
Diane Cychosz
Sue Hollins
Shirley Plunkard
Doreen Salse
Diane Toedter
Evelyn Pang Hon
Patti Acurio
Rosie Hamfler
Loretta Pressley

Danielle Pals
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Cindy Summer
Carolyn Fisch
Kathryn M. Ricci
Tami Pippert
Kathleen Mady
Judy Savage
Sandra Lubecki