Founding Story

Our passionate founder, Christine Fabiani, started Knots of Love  after being inspired by family and friends. A loving mother of two boys (Geoffrey and Ian) and a former President of The Adoption Guild of Southern Orange County, where she raise money to help place children in happy homes. In June of 2007, after completing her second term as President of The Adoption Guild, Christine started Knots of Love out of her family home, in Orange County, California.
At age six, Christine first learned to crochet from her grandmother, Jeannette. Many years later, Christine found herself picking up the craft once again to make scarves for people who helped her during her two terms as president of the Adoption Guild of Southern Orange County. The first piece of inspiration for Knots of Love came from her son Geoffrey, who encouraged Christine to him a beanie. The second piece of inspiration to make stylish, soft, head-warming "chemo caps" for people fighting cancer came from a friend of Christine's who was a cancer survivor herself and said, "I wish I had a cozy cap to wear after a long day of working and wearing of an itchy, scratchy, uncomfortable wig."

Christine immediately began looking for a place to donate all the caps that she had made... but she couldn't find anyone providing people undergoing chemo with free hats -- so she decided to start doing it herself -- and thus Knots of Love was born on June 24th, 2007, with the mission of making and distributing chemo caps, at no charge, to those in need of some loving warmth.

The first batch of 25 cozy caps were made, packaged, and delivered to local cancer patients and survivors who had lost their hair. The response was overwhelmingly positive! People who received the hats couldn't believe they were free and handmade by someone who cared. The loving act of making a cap for an unknown friend was almost, if not more impactful, than the physical warmth and style the caps themselves provide. (This is where the term "warming hearts and heads" comes from, which is still used to this day.) Christine remembers feeling so good while making and delivering the caps that she thought other crocheters and knitters might like to make them in their spare time as well. She reached out to friends and family offering to teach the new recruits to knit and crochet. Everyone loved contributing and soon Knots of Love was granted their 501c3 charity status so that all donations became 100% tax deductible.

As the Knots of Love army of knitters and crocheters worked to make and deliver caps, Christine quickly noticed that the more caps delivered, the bigger the need grew. Thankfully, volunteers started showing up asking to help and more people joined to make caps. By the end of year one, the group's goal of providing 10,000 free hats was exceeded by 2,000+! Success! The team quickly built a distribution network from scratch and are now regularly delivering caps and blankets to over 580 locations in the USA -- and have warmed the hearts and heads of more than 1/2 a million people!
Over the last decade, Knots of Love and its fantastical team have continued to tirelessly make, receive, ship, and deliver fun/fashionable/stylish/loving/cozy/cute/special caps to over 1/2 million individuals, cancer centers, oncologist’s offices, and infusion centers across the country. In 2013, Knots of Love started making and distributing NICU blankets and caps to babies in need.

The group is now well on their way to reaching their new goal of providing 1 MILLION FREE BEANIES & BLANKETS.
The amazing teamwork that powers Knots of Love is awesome. This group of passionate and purposeful people truly makes a meaningful, positive difference in the lives of so many adults, children, families, and veterans who wear the lovingly handmade hats they've received from us.

Over the years, Knots of Love has won many awards, including Christine's 2009 Humanitarian Award from the Women’s Cancer Research Foundation.

President Bill Clinton chose Knots of Love as his charity of choice
and the charity was honored by 5 living presidents at the 2009 All Star Baseball Game in St. Louis Missouri. 

Christine herself was recently named one of 20 Women to Watch by OC Metro Magazine, Alumni Of the Year, and was honored by Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCI.

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