Helpful Tips

Tip #1: Ever wonder what to do with your left over small ball of yarn?  Use the left over color for the brim of a cap.  Make the rest of the cap using white, off white or beige. You can also use them to make stripes and flowers!
Tip #2: Add an adornment – flower, button, bow, brooch, colorful pin. Patients LOVE them!

Tip #3: Consider using different stitches as a band, to add interest and texture. Knit and crochet reference books offer a nice variety of stitch patterns. The Internet is also an excellent source of stitch inspiration.

Tip #4: Ever wonder if you have enough yarn left in a skein to complete another cap?  Easy! Weigh a similar style cap, then weigh the skein of yarn.  If your left over yarn weighs as much as the cap, you are good to go.  If not, weigh a contrasting color and add a stripe.  Any kitchen food or mail scale will work nicely.

Tip #5: How to make jogless stripes in your knitted cap:watch video here!

Tip #6: From Lynda Wood:   Ralph’s or Albertson’s have a reusable wine bottle bag, with 6 separate compartments, which works very well for storing or separating yarn by color.

Tip #7: When crocheting and changing colors, use the step down method.  If the pattern calls for DC then step down to a HDC then to a SC  then to a chain and change colors.  Adjust the step down according to the stitch you are using.

Tip #8: An alternate way to place the bead on the stitch for the Beaded Bow Hat is to use a sewing needle threaded with several inches of thread.  Take the needle through the bead, leaving a “tail” behind, then take the needle through the stitch and back through the bead.  Holding both ends of the thread, slide the bead down the thread onto the stitch.  Also, when knitting the 5 strands with the stitch on the left-hand needle it might be easier to use a double-pointed needle.  Slide the dp needle under the 5 strands and take the stitch off the left-hand needle.  Knit it all off of the double-pointed needle.  ~ Jennifer

Tip #9: New Cast-Off MethodThis type of cast-off works very well when making a PICC cover.This version of binding or casting off gives a bind-off edge that looks more like your cast on edge, and it is much more stretchy:Knit together the first two stitches on the left needle.Slip the new stitch on the right needle back to the left needle.Repeat until all stitches are bound off.

Tip #10: Buy a plastic cup from McDonalds…it is the perfect size to hold most yarns.
Tip #11: Buy a styrofoam head to use as a gauge for sizes. Refer to the following chart for appropriate sizes for men, women and children.
Tip #12: How to place the beads on the Knots of Love Beaded Bow Pattern
Tip #13: Using sock patterns to make caps

I’ve been knitting caps for your wonderful organization for almost a year, and I’ve an idea to share. I’ve discovered that sock knitting books are an excellent source for finding nice designs and patterns for hats. There are some really lovely sock patterns out there, especially from Scandinavia, and they’re sometimes more colorful and visually interesting than patterns specifically for hats.

Sock patterns are always in the round so they’re usually very easy to adapt for hats–you just start from the cuff of the sock pattern (after calculating gauge and the # of stitches of course) and then after 7 or 8 inches decrease and bind off as usual. I’ve attached two pictures of hats that I knitted from sock patterns. I hope that this is useful. I really love the work you guys do, and knitting for you is both fulfilling and fun. Best, Clara
Tip #14: Use buttons, flowers, charms or appliques to add a bit of flare and style to your beanies. Be sure your embellishments are washable and the underside will not irritate a patient's sensitive bald head.

Tip #15: To avoid your ends popping out of your creations after washing and then being to short; leave a long tail, wash and then cut the ends.

Tip #16: Shipping 101 - Watch this great presentation and learn how to ship more efficiently and save lots of money!
Tip #17 MAKE A MAGIC RING: Click HERE to learn how to Make a Ring for Crochet This is a fabulous way to begin a beanie or our famous hearts.fabulous way to begin a beanie or our famous hearts.

Tip #18:
Use an "Invisible Knot" to join colors if you must use a knot. Join two colors with our invisible knot while knitting and crocheting.This video shows you how to join two colors with an invisible knot that will stay. While we would prefer no knots in the creations made for people going through chemo due to the HIGH/increased sensitivity of their skin during treatment, we understand that sometimes it is useful to be able to tie a knot. So, if you must use a knot instead of tying in your ends, please use this invisible knot: