Send Beanies and/or tiny NICU Blankets

Send us your creations -- and we will take it from there. It's that easy!

Our Process

Use your own pattern or choose from a variety of knit and crochet hat patterns that we offer here and send us your creations by using the 3 steps listed below.

Once your creations arrive at Knots of Love, your creations are checked, sorted, logged, tagged, bagged, decorated with a red bow (or with a flag for veterans) boxed, labeled, and shipped off to the
550+ locations across the USA that we serve -- at zero cost to those in need who receive the beanies or tiny blankets! As soon as we distribute your creations, we will reach out to tell you exactly where each one was sent.

How To Get Started

The process for donating your beanies and or tiny NICU blankets is simple. Follow these 3 steps and we will take it from there:

Step 1:
Follow the Knots of Love Maker Guidelines and Covid-19 Protocol listed here.

Step 2:
Complete the Knots of Love Submission Form (PDF) and place the form + your beanies and/or tiny neonatal blankets inside of a package. Please note: The submission form enables us to keep track of the number of beanies and or blankets you donate and let you know where they're distributed (if you choose to share your contact information on our Knots of Love Submission Form below).

Step 3:
Send your adult size beanies and/or tiny neonatal blankets and completed Knots of Love Submission form to:

Knots of Love
2973 Harbor Blvd. #822
Costa Mesa, CA  92626

For your convenience: Download & print mailing label.

Alternatively, you can drop off your beanies and/or tiny blankets at
one of our collection locations. They will mail them to us on your behalf at no cost to you.


Thats it! 😊

After we receive your handmade creations, our team will
process each with care and reach out to let you know where they were sent
(if you choose to share your contact information on our Knots of Love Submission Form above).

In the meantime, for a preview of the kind of impact your creations will make, you can read Love Letters from recipients,
read about the impact you will make by contributing your creations,
and sign up for our email list.

And be sure to follow us on social media! It helps us grow the impact we make.

Thank you!!!