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Need a beanie?

Please email your favorite colors, approximate head size and where to ship the caps to: info@knotsoflove.org

Accepted Cap & PICC Patterns.

Feel free to use these patterns for charity. If you are using these, or any Knots of Love patterns for any other purpose, a donation to Knots of Love would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Knots of Love patterns are the property of Knots of Love, Inc. If you would like to use our patterns for any other purpose other than making caps and donating them to Knots of Love, please kindly make a donation by sending it to Knots of Love, Inc. 2973 Harbor Blvd., #822 Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Head size chart.

Please use this chart to determine what size cap you would like to make. The height noted is the total height of the hat including the brim.
Please note:
We do not accept PREEMIE and INFANT hats. Hospitals tell us they are inundated with them.
We will no longer accept LOOMED hats do to the inconsistency of patterns and quality.
Guidelines for Making Beanies (Required Yarn List) (PDF)

Size: Small | Circumference: 18-20 in. | Height: 6.5-7 in.
Size: Medium | Circumference: 20-22 in. | Height: 7-8 in.
Size: Large | Circumference: 22-24.5 in. | Height: 8-10 in.

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