📦 Sponsor a Box Program 📦

You can sponsor boxes of beanies to be sent directly to cancer patients!

Here's how it works...

We will send boxes of beanies in your honor to Pediatric Infusion Centers, Oncologist offices, Veteran's Hospitals and Cancer Centers in the United States. Every box of beanies sponsored by you will have a sticker placed on the outside of the box with your first name and last initial, making the recipient aware that you are thinking of them along their journey. It's that simple, and makes a big impact!
Sponsor a Box of beanies and we will send them in your name, and let you know where we sent them!

Knots of Love will send boxes of beanies in your honor to a Cancer Center in the United States
If you would like more information, please email info@knotsoflove.org or call 949.933.7000.
Print your form HERE