Charity Knitting & Crocheting

These are groups independently organized groups and are not sponsored, affiliated, or endorsed by Knots of Love.

We list these as a courtesy at the request of the organizers. Organizers and attendees are solely responsible for their events, content, and all activities. Please be sure to contact each organizer for information before attending. Thank you! :)

Every First Saturday of the Month - unless otherwise posted.

Mission: Get Knots of Love members out in public to work on their beanies and garner interest for Knots of Love.

We have found that groups, large or small, when sitting in parks, cafes, and coffee shops usually attract the attention from a wide variety of people. Interested people stop and ask questions about what we are making, who we are making it for, and what our purpose is. Many of these people inquire about the best way to learn to knit or crochet and ask how they can help with Knots of Love. With your help, and the help of your friends, we are organizing this event to spread the word about Knots of Love and distribute information on how to learn knit and crochet. So get out there, show off your beautiful creations and spread the word about this charity that brings love and
light to so many people in need.

Getting Started:
1) Choose a high foot traffic location in your town that you are familiar with. Example: Starbucks, Peets Coffee, Coffee Bean, McDonalds or the like.
2) Call 2 or more friends who you know knit or crochet or just want to sit and chat as you work on your hats. (You can even do this while on vacation!).

Important note: Make sure to become a customer of if you choose a business, like Starbucks, buy some coffee and they will be happy to have you knit for a few hours.

So let’s get going!! We have many hearts and heads to warm, one cap at a time!

Go spread the love!!

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Join a stitch session with the following groups:

Tell us where you will knit or knot (crochet for charity -  Email info@knotsoflove.org


Yorba Linda
Parent-Led Youth Group:
Starting July 24th
Every 2nd & 4th Saturday, from 10am to 12pm 
Geetu Goel: geets_goel@yahoo.com

The Off the HOOK! Crochet Club 


The Helping Hands Knit and Crochet Group
Franklin, MA
Contact Rita Ryan crafter964@gmail.com


Lincoln Nebraska
Contact: Amy Stuefer

New Jersey

Jackson, New Jersey
Kathy Waters

North Carolina

Hatteras, North Carolina