Cap & PICC Patterns

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Feel free to use these patterns for charity. If you are using these, or any Knots of Love patterns for any other purpose, a donation to Knots of Love would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Crochet Patterns

Basketweave Cap (PDF) Spiral Poster for Young Women (PDF) Bella Knotted (PDF) Chris’ Knotted Cap(PDF)
Retro Cloche Brim
Serendipity (PDF) Retro Cloche with Brim Options (PDF) Two Tone Beanie (PDF) Kelli’s Turban (PDF)
Lupe Image Alie Cap
Poster Cap Pattern (PDF) Lupe Pattern (PDF) Alie Cap Pattern (PDF) Mini Rib Cap (PDF)
Hair hat  Alie Newsboy Cap
Summer Cloche Pattern (PDF) Bellatina for Knotters (PDF) Jeannette’s Retro Cloche with brim and hair (PDF) Alie Newsboy Cap (PDF)


Knit Patterns

Grey’s Anatomy Cap (PDF) Occasion Purl Pattern For Young Women Edited (PDF) Christine’s Cap (PDF) Groovy Slouch (PDF)
Basic Slouch for the Young Adult (PDF) Twisted Rib Slouch (PDF) Breezy Summerspun Beach Hat (PDF) Baker Street Beanie For Young Women(PDF)
All Knit image for handout
30 Rock (PDF) Big Bow Slouch (PDF) Madaline’s Knitted Cap (PDF) Helen’s Knitted Hat Pattern (PDF)
Peggy’s Sleep Cap (PDF) Knots of Love Loom Pattern (PDF) Chris T Slip Stitch Cap (PDF) Chic Toque for Young Women(PDF)
Beaded Bow Hat (PDF) Kitty’s Kap Revised (PDF) Joline’s Pattern (PDF) Baker Street Pattern (PDF)
Kitty’s Heartstrings (PDF) Beanie Buttons & Brim Knit Pattern (PDF) Carolyn’s Cap (PDF) Fab-Ulous Purls (PDF)
Occasion Purl Pattern-Edited(PDF) Band Variations (PDF) Sun Hat (PDF) Nando Pattern (PDF)
Gracie Pattern
Veteran’s Cap Pattern (PDF) Tahoe Cap for Men (PDF) Bellatina for Knitters (PDF) Gracie Pattern UPDATED(PDF)
Sleep cap image purple Greys Anatomy Men VA Cap Drive Image Framed Lynn's Cap Image
Sleep Cap Pattern (PDF) Grey’s Anatomy Cap for Men (PDF) Patriotic Cap Pattern (PDF) Lynn’s Floppy Hat Pattern (PDF)
Ariel Knit Pattern New hat scarf pattern image front Kitty Beader Image  
Ariel Cap Pattern (PDF) Madison Scarf Beanie (PDF) Sunshine Cloche(PDF) Pillows of Comfort Pattern (PDF)


 NEW! LuLu PICC Line Bandage Cover Knit Pattern (PDF)



PICC Line Bandage Cover Pattern (PDF)

Crochet PICC Bandage Cover image

Easy Single Crochet PICC Line Bandage Cover (PDF)

Nats Picc Cover

Nat’s PICC Cover Knotted Pattern (PDF)

Occasional Purl PICC

Occasional Purl PICC Line Bandage Cover Knit Pattern (PDF)

Waffle PICC

Waffle PICC Line Bandage Cover Knit Pattern (PDF)

Moss Stitch Picc Cover

Moss Stitch PICC Line Bandage Cover Knit Pattern (PDF)

Crisscross PICC Line Bandage Cover Knit Pattern (PDF)


NEW Hippie Flower Pattern (Crochet)
Kris’s Flower Pattern – Knotted (Crochet)
Knots of Love Favorite Knotted (Crochet) Flower
Knit Flower is on the second page of this pattern: For knitters (PDF)
Knotted (Crochet) Flower is on the bottom of this pattern: For knotters (PDF)
Judy’s Knotted Flower Pattern (PDF)


Simple Headband for Web Site

Simple Headband Crochet Pattern (PDF)

Cris Cross Image for Web site

Cris Cross Headband Crochet Pattern (PDF)

Beaded Butterfly

Beaded Bow Knit Headband Pattern (PDF)


Carino Headband (PDF)

Knots of Love Patterns in ITALIAN

Knots of Love Occasional Purl Pattern in Italian (PDF)
Knots of Love’s Kitty’s Kap in Italian (PDF)
Slightly Slouchy Hat in Italian (PDF)
Carolyn Cap in Italian(PDF)
Retro Cloche Pattern in Italian(PDF)
Helen’s Cap in Italian (PDF)
Baker Street Beanie in Italian(PDF)
Kittys Heartstrings Pattern in Italian (PDF)
Big Bow Slouch in Italian (PDF)
Chic Toque for Young Women in Italian (PDF)
Madelines Cap in Italian (PDF)
Beaded Bow Hat Italian (PDF)
Cap Band Variations in Italian (PDF)
Kelli’s Turban in Italian (PDF)
Bella Knotted Pattern in Italian (PDF)

Knots of Love Patterns in SPANISH

Chris' Cap image
Chris’s Cap Pattern in Spanish (Gorro Tejido De Chris)

Madeline's cap

Madaline’s cap Pattern in Spanish (El Gorro de Madaline)

Knots of Love patterns are the property of Knots of Love, Inc. If you would like to use our patterns for any other purpose other than making caps and donating them to Knots of Love, please kindly make a donation by sending it to Knots of Love, Inc. 2973 Harbor Blvd., #822 Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Approved Yarn List

Be sure to only use yarns from the approved yarn list on our Guidelines page here.

Head Size Chart

Please use this chart to determine what size cap you would like to make. The height noted is the total height of the hat including the brim.

Size Circumference Height
Small 18-20 9 in. 6.5-7 in.
Medium 20-22 in. 7-8 in.
Large 22-24.5 in. 8-10 in.