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How to Donate Caps or NICU Blankets

Become part of our Knots of Love Family by donating your caps or Knots of Love for Baby Neonatal Blankets today!

Step 1: 
If your caps meet the Knots of Love criteria listed on our cancer patient tested and approved yarn list:
Click here to download our Guidelines for Making Caps & Required Yarn List (PDF)
We are in the process of adding more yarns. Please check back frequently for an updated list.

Step 2:
Send this Knots of Love Submission Form (PDF) in with your caps or blankets so we can call and thank you and tell you what treatment center your creations were donated to.

Step 3:
Send your caps or neonatal blankets and completed form to:
Knots of Love
2973 Harbor Blvd. #822
Costa Mesa, CA  92626
Take your beanies or Infant blankets off at one of our collection locations. They will mail them to us on your behalf.